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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE ARTICLES Dec 1976 Square-rigger Voyage from Baltic to Bicentennial (Tall Ships) Nov 1983 Decoys: Artifice and Art (Duck Decoys) June 1987 George Washington's Patowmack Canal (Potomac River) Oct 1989 La Ruta Maya Oct 1989 Copan: A Royal Tomb Discovered Oct 1989 City of Kings & Commoners (Copan) Sept 1991 Maya Artistry Unearthed (Copan) Nov 1992 Maya Heartland Under Seige (Remote Imaging) June 1993 The Iceman (Copper Age Body) Sept 1993 New Sensors Eye the Rain Forest Nov 1993 New Light on the Olmec Jan 1995 Age of Pyramids (Egypt's Old Kingdom) Sept 1995 Dawn of Humans: The Farthest Horizon (Leakey homonid Find) Dec 1995 The Timeless Vision of Teotihuacan (Teotihuacan) Jan 1996 Dawn of Humans: Neandertals Feb 1997 Dawn of Humans: The First Steps May 1997 Dawn of Humans: Expanding worlds July 1997 Dawn of Humans: The First Europeans Sept 1997 Dawn of Humans: Tracking the First of Our Kind Oct 1997 The Most Ancient Americans (Monte Verde) Dec 1997 The Royal Crypts of Copan Aug 1998 Dawn of Humans: Redrawing Our Family Tree Sept 1998 Valley of the King's (Egypt) Nov 1998 Abu Sir Tomb (Egypt) April 1999 Journey to the Copper Age Oct 1999 Valley of the Mummies (Greco-Roman Mummies, Egypt) May 2000 Dawn of Humans: New Finds in South Africa July 2000 Dawn of Humans: People Like Us (Ice Age Humans) Dec 2000 Dawn of Humans: Hunt for the First Americans Feb 2001 Paintings of the Spirit Mar 2001 Moche Burials Uncovered April 2001 Pharaohs of the Sun Sept 2001 Egypt’s Hidden Tombs Revealed Nov 2001 Pyramids, Who Built them? June 2002 Empires Across the Andes Oct 2002 Death on the Nile: Saqqara Apr 2002 Yucatan Hill Cities May 2003 Aguateca: Maya Elite Nov 2003 Guardian of the Sun God’s Treasure Dec 2003 Journey of the Maya Corn God Jan 2004 Star Search: Bronze Age Map of the Stars May 2004 Unlooted Grave of a Maya King Dec 2004 Rescuing Afghan Treasures: Saving Afghan Culture Apr 2005 Lost World of the Little People: The People Time Forgot Apr 2005 Family Ties: Dmanisi Find Apr 2005 Abydos: Life and Death at the Dawn of Egyptian Civilization June 2005 The New Face of King Tut: His Life and Death May 2006 Judas Gospel Nov 2006 Lucy’s Child Dec 2006 Bulgarian Gold Rush August 2007 Maya Rise and Fall February 2008 Nubian Pharaohs April 2009 The SHE-King of Egypt NGS Traveler Magazine Autumn 1984 Bermuda, Sumptuous Civility Summer 1985 Wingding at Oshkosh (Air show) May/June 1989 Realm of the Long Lakes (NY Finger Lakes) Mar/Apr 1991 The Great Camps of the Adirondacks (NY tourism) Mar/Apr 1992 West Virginia's Potomac Highlands Sept/Oct 1993 Loudon County, Virginia
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Ken Garrett has been searching out profound
images that give us a glimpse of our past,
and tell us who we are today. Ken has
photographed primarily for the National
Geographic Magazine. We have over 75,000
images ranging through the subjects and
geographical areas listed. All the images you
see on the site are available.
If you don't see what you need, give us a
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BOOKS 1981 El Templo Mayor:The great temple of the Aztecs in Mexico.(Pub. in Mexico) 1986 Floaters and Stickups (Godine), A personal survey of wildfowl decoys. 1986 Washington, DC (Boulton) 1987 & 2000 Wake Forest University (Harmony House) 1992 James Madison University (Harmony House) 1993 *Lost Kingdoms of the Maya (National Geographic) 1994 *Wonders of the Ancient World:Atlas of Archaeology (National Geographic) 1996 *Hallowed Ground:Preserving America's Heritage (Thomasson-Grant & Lickle) 2000 *Valley of the Golden Mummies (Harry N. Abrams) 2001 Egypt of Pharaohs (National Geographic) 2002 Hidden Treasures of the Egyptian Museum (American University Press-Cairo) 2004 Hidden Treasures of Ancient Egypt (National Geographic) 2004 Curse of the Pharaohs (National Geographic Children’s Books) 2004 The Human Story (National Geographic Children’s Books) 2005 Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs (National Geographic) 2005 Tutankhamun (National Geographic Childrens books) *major contributor 2006 The Judas Gospel, national Geographic Books 2007 The Whydah Pirate Ship, National Geographic Books 2008 The Journey Through Hallowed Ground: Birthplace of the American Ideal, National Geographic Books EXHIBITIONS 1997 "Hallowed Ground" photos at Smithsonian Museum of American History 1999 Copan Photos at University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology 2004 National Geographic Photography:Egypt, Cuba, Japan(Artspace:University of Virginia) 2007 Journey to the Copper Age, San Diego Museum of Man 2008 Afghanistan, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 2009 Afghanistan, The Metropolitan Museum, New York, NY